Calluses on Hands

Calluses on the hands can be very disturbing and unsightly, although usually they are not painful at all. It can put one in embarrassing situations while shaking hands, where the other person gets startled and pulls away. However, calluses on hands are not a serious health problem and most people have experienced a callus in their lifetime. Some folks believe having calluses on hands is a sign of ruggedness as it signifies that the hands have been involved in some heavy work. Its not that bad to have a callus on the hand after all!

bench press can causes calluses, Calluses on Hands
Bench Press – an exercise that can induce hand calluses.

How To Prevent Calluses on Hands

We are assuming you understand what causes calluses to form in the first place, if you don’t yet know we highly suggest you skim through this post first. So the key here is to avoid excessive or repetitive friction on the hands.

When Did You First Notice Them?

Think back to the time you first noticed your callus, What activities were you involved in that could have been causing friction on your hands? Did you recently begin to lift weights? Did you put a new steering wheel cover?

Ask yourself these questions and when you discover the source of the callus, seek to eliminate it. “But I can’t stop lifting weights, summer is just round the corner!” we hear you say.

Well fear not because in this case you can purchase a pair of padding gloves. These pack a one two punch, as they prevent excessive friction and help you lift weights better by enhancing grip.

Treatment of Calluses on Hands

There are quite a few treatment options for calluses on the hands. However, it is best to follow a strategic treatment plan whether you are a dermatologist or a regular person at home trying to get rid of your callus. Follow these steps to effectively treat your callus condition:

Get relief from symptoms of Calluses on Hands
  • Reduce any stress on feet by walking less or temporarily pausing high demand activities such as hiking.
  • Apply a pressure relieving band aid
  • Moisturize the foot to relieve dryness
  • Get a foot massage


Discover the source of pressure or friction on Calluses on Hands
  • Eliminate the source of pressure
  • Purchase padding gloves if pressure causing activity is absolutely necessary


Conservative treatment methods of Calluses on Hands


Consider going to the podiatrist if all else fails for Calluses on Hands
Consult your nearest podiatrist only after you have unsuccessfully tried at least one of the conservative methods above consistently for two weeks. The doctor will most likely use a scalpel to trim away the dead skin. This procedure is called paring and is the most effective method. However, this should be used as a large resort (because of cost) and most cases are best treated with conservative methods.

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