Callus Locations

calluses on foot

Calluses on Feet

Calluses on feet are extremely common and they can affect many different areas of the foot. The most common cause by far is wearing shoes that are unfit. By unfit we are referring to any size or shape aspect of the shoe that forces the feet in a position prone Read More »

Plantar callus at the base of the foot

Callus on Bottom of Foot

The ball of the foot is situated in the plantar region of the foot, more commonly known as the sole of the foot. Your body weight is equally (more or less) distributed between your two feet. If any intrinsic (flat feet, bone deformities etc) or extrinsic (shoe, socks etc) factors Read More »

hand callus

Calluses on Hands

Calluses on the hands can be very disturbing and unsightly, although usually they are not painful at all. It can put one in embarrassing situations while shaking hands, where the other person gets startled and pulls away. However, calluses on hands are not a serious health problem and most people Read More »

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