Callus on Bottom of Foot

The ball of the foot is situated in the plantar region of the foot, more commonly known as the sole of the foot. Your body weight is equally (more or less) distributed between your two feet. If any intrinsic (flat feet, bone deformities etc) or extrinsic (shoe, socks etc) factors disrupt the weight distribution and shift the weight to areas not used to that pressure (such as the ball of the feet), it causes the skin to harden as a defensive measure, causing a callus on bottom of foot . This newly hardened skin is called a plantar callus. These are generally more uncomfortable as opposed to calluses on the hands or at the dorsum of the foot. It is very important to take steps to prevent these, as once they are fully formed they have a tendency to recur.

Callus on Bottom of Foot
Plantar callus on metatarsal head.

Prevention of A Callus on Bottom of Foot

To prevent a callus on the bottom of the foot, you must first understand what causes them. These medical conditions are known to be directly linked to the causation of calluses on the base of the foot:

  • Bunions
  • flat feet (Pes Planus)
  • Big toe is not aligned and is pointing outward from the center of the body (Hallux valgus)
  • Mal-union of fracture (a previous fracture of a leg or foot bone that did not heal properly, leading to abnormal weight distribution)

In a lot of cases the aforementioned conditions directly cause plantar calluses. The cause of the callus must be tackled before attempting to resolve the callus (which is a symptom of the listed conditions). If you think you might have any of these conditions then you must visit your nearest podiatrist to correct these issues.

Plantar calluses can also be brought on by daily repetitive activities, such as walking or running (mostly because or wrongly fitted shoes). Here are some steps you can take to avoid calluses in the future:

  • Purchase callus cushions such as Dr Scholl’s round callus cushions that you can wear inside your shoes to prevent pressure from building up
  • Wear proper suitable shoes that ensure equal weight distribution

Treatment of Callus on Bottom of Foot

Get relief from symptoms of Callus on Bottom of Foot
  • Reduce any stress on feet by walking less or temporarily pausing high demand activities such as hiking.
  • Apply a pressure relieving band aid
  • Moisturize the foot to relieve dryness
  • Get a foot massage


Discover the source of pressure/friction of a Callus on Bottom of Foot
  • Eliminate the source of pressure
  • Change your shoes to more suitable ones that ensure equal weight distribution
  • Purchase callus pads that are you can insert in the shoe


Conservative Callus on Bottom of Foot Treatment Methods


Consider going to the podiatrist if all else fails with your Callus on Bottom of Foot
Consult your nearest podiatrist only after you have unsuccessfully tried at least one of the conservative methods above consistently for two weeks. The doctor will most likely use a scalpel to trim away the dead skin on the callus on bottom of foot. This procedure is called paring and is the most effective method. However, this should be used as a large resort (because of cost) and most cases are best treated with conservative methods.


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