Callus Shaver: 3 Of The Cheapest Callus Shavers

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At some time in our lives, many of us have had the misery of suffering a callus or two. Calluses can appear on your hands or your feet and they are the results of the body reacting to undue friction in that area. Undue friction may result from lifting weights at the gym, consistently wearing poorly fitting shoes, digging in the garden or even for women, wearing very high heels on a daily basis… Fortunately for you, this is when the cheapest callus shaver can remove those built up dead skin cells quickly, safely and easily

There are many reasons why you will find a callus shaver is the best tool for you to use. Simply put:


A callus shaver guarantees fast results


For years, the much loved pumice stone required you to spend ridiculous amounts of time scrubbing away at your heels to achieve any kind of result… In half an hour you spent working up a sweat and tired arm to achieve some kind of results, you could have done the job with a good callus shaver in just a few minutes.

Who wants to spend at least $60 on a professional pedicure salon appointment, plus the time and effort involved in getting there? Why don’t you save yourself time and money by using the cheapest callus shaver in the privacy of your own home, cranking up the music, grabbing a good magazine, throw in a foot spa to soften up your feet to pamper them to make the process of removing your foot calluses a pleasant one…

Wouldn’t you rather look after your feet the way you would like to look after them, rather than having an utter stranger work on them?

Many people are turning to the advantages of using a callus shaver.

Here are my top picks of the 3 best and cheapest callus shavers available on Amazon.

1) Tweezerman Safety Slide Callus Shaver with Rasp

Tweezerman Callus Shaver

The Tweezerman Callus Shaver has a well deserved reputation for being an affordable, strong and sturdy shaver for removing tough foot calluses for under $13.

The benefit of the Tweezerman is it’s multiple benefits. It is not just a callus shaver, included is a sturdy stainless steel rasp to keep skin smooth.

The Tweezer man is the right size to keep in your purse and a perfect tool to add to your beauty kit when you travel. What clever thinking to combine a callus shaver and rasp together, a perfect combo for keeping the skin on your hands and feet smooth and attractive.

This two- in- one tool includes a unique slide and lock mechanism, letting you safely conceal the sharp shaver blades of the tool when not in use to avoid accidental cuts .

Additional blades are available at a minimal cost

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2 ) ASOX 2 Way Callus Shaver, Pedicure Rasp inc 10 Blades


ASOX Callus Shaver

Best callus shaver from ASOX


Who loves the bargain of the day which works well? At under $10, this cute and pretty in pink callus shaver set by ASOX 2 way Callus Remover Pedicure Rasp ticks every one of our boxes. The ASOX has loads of customer reviews on Amazon with a 4.5 star rating and 86% of customers have left a 4 star plus approval rating out of 365 reviews.

The ASOX callus shaver set includes a callus shaver which also works to remove corns, as well as 2 rasps. A micro and a coarse rasp, so you have your callus needs covered for under $10.

If you don’t want to to spend money on a electric callus remover, this is the perfect tool for you. The wooden handle is ergonomically contoured to fit the palm of your hand and the micro rasp features a wide face to cover a large area.

Customers report this callus shaver works on the toughest skin, even if you have fought calluses all your life and other products haven’t been particularly effective. ASOX say their product will remove the thickest, toughest foot calluses and given their star rating on Amazon, this is most likely true.

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3) PiercingJ Callus Corn Cuticle Hard Skin Remover Shaver Foot Pedicure Kit + 10 Blade Tool

callus shaver

Piercings callus shaver

The PiercingJ Corn Callus Shaver definitely makes the last position on our cheapest callus shaver list at $2.53. It may be cheap, don’t let the price fool you as it is an extremely popular device with a star rating of 4.3 on Amazon. 84% of people gave it a 4 plus approval rating… Clearly it does the job, so let’s take a look at what makes this shaver so popular

Most people commented on how easy the PiercingJ Callus Corn Cuticle Hard Skin Remover Shaver Foot Pedicure Kit + 10 Blade Tool is to use. They said it did a great job on easily trimming calluses off their feet. The stainless steel blades are very sharp, so be careful. To get the best result, people soaked their feet to soften calluses, then used the callus shaver to remove the softened skin.

This bargain callus shaver is not only for your feet. When you work out at the gym and lift weights, often your hands grow calluses as protection against the friction. The PiercingJ Callus shaver is an easy way to remove a hand callus.

Why not pamper yourself… treat your hard-working feet to the comfort of a foot spa and add some scented essential oils to the hot water for an aromatherapy hit, grab your favorite magazine and and a drink while you enjoy some “me time” while you wait for your feet to soak and soften…


Conair Waterfall Foot Spa with Lights, Bubbles, and Heat

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What Are Benefits Of The Cheapest Callus Shaver?

These callus shavers provide you with a cheap, easy solution to removing unattractive hand and foot calluses without needing to spend your hard earned dollars on more expensive callus remove options. You can enjoy the benefit of using them in the shower when your calluses are softened. When you are on a tight budget, a callus shaver with good reviews, provides a needed solution. If you are looking for extra advice on how to treat calluses and corns, click here

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