3 Ways To Naturally Remove Calluses Using Proven Home Remedies

Proven! 3 Ways To Naturally Remove Calluses without resorting to using nasty toxic chemicals, paying out money for expensive podiatrists visits or needing to buy the right electric callus remover. These are simple easy methods, all using home remedies on how to remove calluses from bottom of your feet for softer smoother skin so you feel more confident, your feet look nice and feel good. Read More »

differences between calluses and corns

What Are Corns And Calluses ?

Why Do Corns And Calluses Happen? Corns and Calluses are both defensive measures put up by your skin as a consequence of constant pressure or friction (rubbing) applied to a certain area. The sensitive skin is topped with a layer of dead skin to harden its resistance against pressure. Corns Read More »

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